Life is better when the surface area for serendipity is wider, so this is my invitation to coffee if you think it'll benefit either of us. 

When I'm in the UK I spend my time between London and Edinburgh, and the rest of the time I'm touring. I'll always make half an hour to meet someone interesting over a coffee.

The things people often want to talk with me about are entrepreneurship, creative projects, their stand-up, and my corporate workshops. 

As long as you're not trying to sell me something, and not trying to employ me (I don't ever want a job), then please drop me a message

If we aren't in the same city, but you think I can help you with something, then please email me. I'm always happy to receive thoughtful emails from interesting people. 


Standing Invitation

Contact me

I check my DMs on instagram pretty often. Other ways of getting in touch are on my contact page or on the links below!